Finley JH Athletic Results


Cross Country Results

Finley Cross Country went out with a bang this weekend!

Your Finley Team showed up and showed out at the district meet! I am so proud of all my runners this season. They showed up every day and gave 100% hard work ethic and improved from day one. They not only improved as individuals but grew as whole team. I had so much fun coaching them this year!


18 teams were at our metro district meet.


7th Grade Girls placed 6th overall as a team

Charlotte Dougherty 15:41, Bostyn Baskin 15:45, Naomi Elerson 16:49, Paige Edens 16:51, Kaycen Card 19:00


8th Grade Girls placed 5th overall as a team

Arely Govea 8th place 13:56, Kaylee Blake 15:31, Sofia Molina 15:34, Andrea Rojas 15:35, Charity Beckham 15:41, Delilah Garcia 17:43, Kylie Rodriguez 18:32, Emma Neveri 19:12


7th Grade Boys

Nathan Templet 15:00, Matthew Young 16:49, Matthew Garcia 18:59, Alex Fulks 19:09


8th Grade Boy Victor Ramirez placed 20th overall with a time of 13:33.



12 out of 14 Finley runners PR’d with their best times all season! Although we didn’t place as a team for 7th grade girls and boys due to being one runner short to make a team for both this weekend, I have no doubt we would have.


8th grade girls came out 7th place in the team standings

Arely Govea placed 5th overall with a time of 13:09.


All 7th grade girls improved their times.

Bostyn Baskin placed 23rd overall with a time of 14:41.


8th grader Victor Ramirez ran a 13:16


7th grade boys ran well and improved all their times as well.

Nathan Templet placed 34th with a time of 13:55.


This weekend (October 12) is our district meet, which is our last competition of the year! If you see any of these athletes in the halls, wish them Good Luck!




This past weekend was our Ennis Invitational cross country meet. I am super proud of my kiddos. Although being short 5 runners being absent due to a volleyball tournament, our teams did very well. These kids fought hard till the end!


The 7th and 8th grade girls placed 3rd overall.

Top Runners: Arely Govea-3rd place (14:33), Andrea Rojas-9th place, & Sofia Molina-11th place


The 7th and 8th grade boys placed 4th overall.

Top Runners: Victor Ramirez-7th place(13:48), Nathan Templet-23rd place, Matthew Young-24th place



Last night we had our 2nd cross country meet of the season. The Finley Warriors showed up and showed out. The 7th grade girls team placed 6th place out of 32 teams that competed and all improved their times. The 7th grade boys team placed 7th place and improved their times tremendously. I am so proud of all their hard work!


7th grade girls:

Bostyn Baskin placed 20th, Charlotte Dougherty placed 27th, and Naomi Elerson placed 44th.


7th grade boys:

Billy Yonce placed 18th, Matthew Young placed 26th, and Nathan Templet placed 33rd out of 258 boys



Volleyball Results

Last night your 7th grade Lady Warriors played a hard fought match against Frank Seale. Both teams came up a little short but played hard and fought until the very end. This weekend the A team will travel to Kaufman to compete in their district tournament.


A Team:



B Team:



Players of the Week:

Charlotte Dougherty

Olivia Villarreal  



This weekend was the 8th grade B team district tournament and your Lady Warriors went ready to compete. These young ladies played their hearts out all day and ended up getting 3rd place in the Division 2 bracket.


Finley vs Lancaster Won-25-16, 25-8


Finley vs Coleman Lost- 12-25, 25-15, 19-25


Finley vs Kennedale Won for 3rd Place- 25-12, 25-15



Your Lady Warriors played the Red Oak Hawks last night and played their little hearts out! 8th grade B team fell a little short and the 8th grade A team finished strong bringing home the WIN! We are very proud of these girls hard work they put into tonight’s game.




B Team Score

13-25, 19-25


A Team Score

25-17, 25-23


Players of the Week

Kriss Sanders

Sophie Molina



Last night your 7th grade Lady Warriors took on the Red Oak Lady Hawks. Both teams played amazing and took home wins!! We are very proud of these young ladies and all of the hard work they have put into this season so far. 


A Team Scores:

25-18, 25-14


B Team Scores:

25-14, 25-17


Players of the Week: 

Zariyah Piper 

Naomi Elerson 



Your Lady Warriors played against the Alvarado Indians last night and had a tough battle. Your 8th grade A team brought home the Win but the other teams fell a little short. All teams played so hard and fought until the end!


8th A Team Won- 25-15, 25-23

8th A Team Lost- 22-25, 18-25


7th A Team Lost- 18-25, 25-21, 12-25

7th B Team Lost- 8-25, 25-22, 17-25


Players of the Week

8th Grade: Kaylee Blake & Adriana Flores

7th Grade: Ka’Miyah Henderson & Olivia Villarreal





The 8th grade took on Corsicana last night and split the wins and losses. Next week they will take on the Alvarado Indians.


A Team Won- 25-12, 25-21

B Team Lost- 14-25, 14-25


Players of the Week

Skylar Wilkins

Whitley Blankenship



Your 7th grade Lady Warriors played against the Corsicana Tigers last night.  Both teams played good and came out with victories. We love getting to work with these young athletes and seeing them improve every week! 


A team:

25-19, 25-10

B team:

25-13, 25-16


Players of the week:

Addie Ramirez

Lanie Gillen 



The Lady Warriors traveled to Waxahachie Life last night and come home with some victories. They all played good and had fun doing it.


7th Grade A Team Won

20-25, 26-24, 25-8

7th Grade B Team Lost

22-25, 16-25


8th Grade A Team Won

25-17, 25-18

8th Grade B Team Won

25-13, 25-8


The Players of the Week are:

7th Grade- Bostyn Baskin & Haley Ihlenfeldt

8th Grade-Charity Beckham & Emily Cooley



This weekend both 7th and 8th grade A Teams played in the Kennedale tournament. Both teams played against some great competition and did some good things. Your 8th grade finished their day off wining the consolation round.


8th grade

Game 1- lost against Wester in 3 sets

Game 2- Won in 2 sets Kennedale

Game 3- Won in 2 sets against Worley


7th Grade

Game 1- Lost against Wester in 3 sets

Game 2- Won against Danny Jones in 2 sets

Game 3- Lost in 2 sets against Alvarado



Last night your 8th grade Lady Warriors played Kennedale. The girls played hard and both teams won. Coach Evans and myself are very proud of these young athletes! 


B team:

25-21, 25-20

A team: 

25-9, 25-13


Players of the week:

Karson Adams

Whitley Blankenship



Last night your 7th grade Lady Warriors played the Kennedale Lady Cats. Both A and B teams played hard and won both games. 


B team:

25-14, 25-21


A team:

24-26, 25-19, 25-14


Players of the week:

Arah Brown

Charlotte Dougherty



Last night your Lady Warriors played the Coleman Chiefs and fell a little short. It is always a fight but the girls continued to push and fought until the end.


B Team Lost

14-25, 15-25


A Team Lost

11-25, 26-28


Players of the Week

Skylar Holler

Emeri Fitch



The Lady Warriors played an exciting match against Coleman. Both A and B teams played amazing and won both matches! Seventh grade players of the week are Brylee Altman and Caitlynn Archie!


B team: 25-15, 21-25, 25-18

A team: 25-27, 25-21, 26-24



The 8th grade played against Walnut Grove last night and played their little hearts out. We fell a little short of the victory but they never gave up. Very Proud Coaches!


B Team: 14-25, 19-25

A Team: 16-25, 25-13, 18-25


Players of the Week:

Callee Herron

Kriss Sanders

Your Lady Warriors played against Walnut Grove last night and played great! The B team fell a little short but never the less played hard. The A team pulled it off winning the best 2 out of 3!


B Team results: 12-25, 24-26

A Team results: 21-25, 25-23, 25-12