Ms. Davis 7th Grade English Language Arts

All About Me
I'm Ms. Davis, and I teach 7th grade English at Finley Junior High. I have taught 12 years in the public school sector and 7 in private school. I graduated with a major in English and minor in Spanish from Sam Houston State University. I have three children and a guinea pig. I love English so much that I've even written a children's book! I absolutely love reading and writing, and I hope to pass my passion on to your child. 
What will I do in ELAR class?
In ELAR class, you will improve your reading, thinking, speaking, writing, and listening skills. You will interpret, evaluate, and write various genres of literature. This class will help you succeed in ALL classes! 
Tutoring Help
Students who need extra help can come to tutoring before school 7:50 - 8:15a or during Tribe Time Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Other arrangements can be made as needed. Just communicate via email or phone first.