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6th Grade World Cultures with Coach Vera

Welcome to Contemporary World Cultures!
Coach Vera would like to welcome you to her website.
Coach Vera hopes you find this site to be helpful & fun.  This site is a work in progress, and it is my goal to improve this website throughout the school year with more links and important information.  This site will hopefully answer many of your questions. 
About Coach Vera
I graduated college with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Georgia State University (GSU).  While obtaining my degree I played 4 years of Division 1 soccer.  Being a Georgia native, shortly after college I bought a one way ticket to Texas for an internship on an Arabian Horse Farm.  Within, months I became assistant barn manager then to manager of a 33 horse barn.  After 2 years I decided to get into coaching.  I am a Head Soccer Coach for a North Texas Soccer Club.  This is where I discovered my passion for coaching but ultimately teaching.  I am currently teaching 6th and 7th grade S.S. at Finley and an assistant soccer coach at the high school.  
Tutoring Times:
Morning Times.... 7:50-8:20
Tuesday-Thursday Advisory 
Conference Time:
Unit 1: Thinking Like a Geographer
Unit 1 TEKS
Unit 2: Freedom for All
United States and Canada
Unit 2 TEKS
Unit 3: A Legacy of Colonialism
Latin America
Unit 3 TEKS
Unit 4: We Are Family
Unit 4 TEKS
Unit 5: Empire and Ethnicity
Russia & Eurasian Republics
Unit 5 TEKS
Unit 6: A Crossroads of Diffusion
Southwest Asia/ North Africa
Unit 6 TEKS
Unit 7: Facing Challenges
Sub-Saharan Africa
Unit 7 TEKS
Unit 8: Unity and Division
South Asia
Unit 8 TEKS
Unit 9: Tradition in a Modernizing World
East & Southeast Asia
Unit 9 TEKS
Unit 10: Adapting Down Under
Pacific Realm
Unit 10 TEKS